Personal Reflection – Relative Disappoints

Situation: My relative disappointed me by not making what I considered to be a small effort to see me while I was in town. This of course dusted up all my old insecurities of worthiness.

My Approach: I settled down to meditate on this situation, and I started with a prayer.

Please God allow me to forgive the part of me that feels hurt when I think of her. She is a human with free will, and she owes me nothing. My expectation was misguided.

In my mind’s eye, I then saw a place that had been reserved for her in my heart. It was shown to me as a good sized storage space, but it only held a single wooden chair and some papers that were scattered on the floor. My intuition whispered to me, “This space could be put to much better use.”


I am always thinking about how I feel in response to situations. I try to understand why I feel the way I do and to decipher if I need to adjust my perspective. I’ll share my thought process with you in these personal reflections. I am a work in progress as these anecdotes will reveal. I hope they inspire you to reflect on your own situation and to have compassion for your personal growth.

17 thoughts on “Personal Reflection – Relative Disappoints

    1. I wasn’t sure myself until I posted it. I now feel that the experience is complete. I have wonderful people in my life now, and I know I will add wonderful people to my life in the future. I need to let this relationship go for my sake. There won’t be any drama, just a knowing on my part. Thanks for asking!

      1. I can empathise, I have reached out many times but it is met with excuses. I try not to judge but instead just wish her love and give the space she obviously feels she needs. Thought provoking post.

  1. When family comes from out of town expecting to see me, I have a full blown panic attack and even if I force myself, I don’t enjoy the visit.

    It’s not that I don’t care about them. Sometimes it’s just all too much.

    1. I understand that. People often approach you with their energy and agenda, and some cannot even fathom that you may see or feel the world differently than they do.

      1. It’s not that I don’t love them, I do.

        I think the only reason I mentioned it here is because I felt for you, feeling rejected.

        For me, sometimes not being around a lot of of other people is just a matter of survival.

      1. It’s funny how being an adult is not necessarily an age thing. I know 21 year olds that are more mature than I am. My husband says: “Just because I’m growing old doesn’t mean I have to grow UP”! Certainly true in his case! 💕 Anyway, I’m not so sure that being sensible and rational is the best way to live all the time. It’s good to be a bit crazy – keeps things interesting!

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