Integrity Nudge

Are you at a loss for how to proceed with a person or a situation? You can rely on integrity to provide a path to peace. Integrity insists that you try your best, have compassion for the human experience, live your truth with words and actions, and operate with positive intent. If you reflect on your situation from this perspective, you will intuit where you can move forward. The choice may not always be easy, but integrity will be on your side. You can progress with your head held high, empowered, and with no regrets.

7 thoughts on “Integrity Nudge

  1. I agree, integrity isn’t valued by all, and those who do value it can’t be 100% a 100% of the time. I view integrity like a practice. We just have to keep practicing.

  2. This is a good one Julie. So few people practice integrity these days don’t you think? I’ve been guilty of not always having integrity myself. Nothing major, but enough that I didn’t feel good about myself afterwards, so as Mark said, these are great words to live by

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