Mindfulness Mini – Approach to Sleep

Nighttime is my time to heal. As I hand over my thoughts to the healing night, they are carefully held for me. I entrust my worries, fears, and hurts to the universe, and all is taken care of for me. Sleep is coming to restore me back to full vitality.

Jennifer Williamson
Photo by Moises Solorzano on Pexels.com

Our bodies typically have one of two approaches to sleep. About 40% of us need to hit the bed exhausted in order to increase our chance of a good night’s rest. The remaining 60% of us need to get into bed or perform a bedtime ritual in order to wind down before we can sleep. Spend some time in meditation or reflection to first identify into which category you or your family fall and to second intuit if it would serve you to approach bedtime differently. Sweet dreams!

11 thoughts on “Mindfulness Mini – Approach to Sleep

  1. I get so jealous of my husband – his head hits the pillow and he’s out. But he has a physical job, and that helps. It still annoys me that he finds it so easy!

    1. We are on the same wavelength, lol. When I first sat down to write this blog, I had Yoga Nidra in mind. Then I decided to break my idea into smaller parts, so this post is the first of several to come on sleep. 🙂 Yoga Nidra is a wonderful tool! Thanks for visiting.

  2. I hate bedtime. My brain goes into overdrive over all the ways I’m failing. Most nights I’m lucky if sleep comes at all. I have to work very hard to beat my brain and get to sleep.

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