Four Meditation Myths

Starting a meditation practice can be intimidating and confusing. Here are 4 myths debunked to help you feel more comfortable as you embark on meditation.

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1. Myth: You have to completely empty your mind.

Truth: Meditation in the simplest form is interrupting your regular thought patterns. So whether you empty your mind, repeat an affirmation, focus on your breath, or follow a guided meditation, you are meditating.

2. Myth: You should meditate in complete stillness devoid of any outside stimulation.

Truth: Again, meditation in the simplest form is interrupting your regular thought patterns. Dancing, singing, writing, walking, surfing, etc. can all be meditative. Yoga is specifically touted as a moving meditation. One signal that a task is meditative for you is when you lose track of time while you’re doing it. You may be meditating more than you realize.

3. Myth: If your mind wanders while you are meditating, you are not doing it right.

Truth: As you relax, your consciousness may drift from your original focus. You are then empowered to make a choice. You can put those stray thoughts in a bubble and watch them float away so you can return to your original focus, or you can follow those stray thoughts down the rabbit hole of personal discovery. A grocery list is probably not going to lead you to personal discovery, but you may have flashes of brilliance that can resolve an issue that you’ve been contemplating. In the moment, the choice is yours, trust your intuition.

4. Myth: You should meditate for at least 30 minutes (or any arbitrary time period) every day.

Truth: I approach meditation the same way I approach my appetite. Sometimes I am ravenous and need to meditate for an hour, and sometimes I am barely hungry and 3 minutes will totally suffice. Listen to what your mind and body crave. I do try to meditate everyday, but it doesn’t always happen, no worries.

Final Thoughts: Don’t add meditation to list of ways you beat yourself up for not doing or being enough. Please don’t stress about how often you meditate, how long you meditate, or what form of meditation you choose. The experience should be positive and it should just be, no strings attached.

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41 thoughts on “Four Meditation Myths

  1. wow! A really great myth buster here! You did a great job, as people think meditation as more of a to do thing and like a course or programme finishing which they will gain certain results, and thats the reason they think of things like am i doing it right! or should i meditate 30 minutes eveyday!

    Though there is one thing on which our thoughts differ! I am not telling in any way that you are wrong here! Its just my opinion.

    In the first myth, you talk about meditation being something where you interrupt your thought patterns, I think that meditation is something where you actually observe your thought process form a distant awareness! You see how your thoughts drift from one area to another, stimulate one feeling, and then the other. It is an observation of how your mind behaves from the point of view of something that is bigger than your conscious mind, and that is the subconscious mind!

    Anyways, you have really written this wonderfully and from your heart!
    I love to see people promote meditation!
    I am trying to do the same with my blog
    But I am really new to this blogging and telling people to meditate through blogs!
    It would be awesome if you can just check out any of my article and feedback me on how to improve in promoting meditation!

    Anyways, you post is really nice and i am looking forward for some amazing posts from you in this niche!
    keep meditating, keep promoting meditation! you are actually doing great at it! 🙂

    1. Thank you for your perspective. I think what you describe may be an interruption of your normal thought patterns as well. I’m going to consider that more. Thank you for visiting! Best of luck with your blog!

      1. Of course! It was just my perspective on meditation! And meditation is such a topic where every individual understands it in a whole different way!

        Thanks for taking time to reply and follow my blog!

        It means a lot😊

        Keep meditating!

        Love frkm India❤

    1. I’m sure this means different things to different people, but what it means for me is complete focus on my breath. When you can control your breath, you can control your thoughts. If you focus on long inhales and long exhales, discourage thought interruption, and have patience with yourself, you will approach emptiness or stillness. If this doesn’t resonate with you, no worries, there are lots of forms of meditation.

  2. Thank you Julie. I have never looked at my writing time as being a form of meditation, but I now see that some of my words take me on a relaxing, peaceful journey.

  3. Ah very clear and short description! You wrote this down wonderfully! Can’t wait for my next meditation now! Btw, do you use an app or anything to guide your meditation, and what’s your opinion on this?

    1. Hi, thanks for visiting. I do like guided meditations, but I don’t use an app. I teach guided meditations, and I participate in a monthly guided meditation circle. I know several people who use apps and love them, but I haven’t gotten personally hooked on them. I’m a fan of people discovering what works well for them. 😊

  4. Excellent

    Another myth is we actively suppress or stop thought

    Actually meditation works best without goals

    We build focus, usually on the breath. Thoughts clear out on their own

    Meditation is more about letting go, observing our inner world without thought or judgment

  5. Yes that’s great! Emptying the mind kind of hard for most humans. When I started meditations I wasn’t doing emptying, instead I was letting go off everything. That’s a bit different. Mind can’t be empty it is always chatters so positive thinking and letting go it is the best. 😊😊😊

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