Lucky Coin Messages

Find a penny (or any coin), pick it up, and all day long have good luck.

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Lucky penny found in NYC

Finding pennies is one of the main ways I look for nudges or encouragement from the Universe. When I find a penny, I instantly look for the date stamp in order to glean greater meaning. Using a bit of numerology, here is how it is done.

Penny Date Stamp: 2019

Numerology technique is to add all the digits until you have one remaining digit.

2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 12

Since 12 is still a double digit number, I reduce again by adding all digits:

1 + 2 = 3

Now the remaining digit, 3, adds greater meaning to my lucky penny.

If you are anxious for a message,
you can always select a coin at random from your pocket or purse.

Numerology Meanings

  1. New Beginnings, Independence, Innovation
  2. Union, Cooperation, Relationships
  3. Joy, Optimism, Imagination
  4. Preparation (for change), Hard Work, Endurance
  5. Change, Freedom, Promotion
  6. Family, Nurturing, Service
  7. Spiritual Focus, Wisdom, Investigative
  8. Preparation (for completion), Organization, Power
  9. Completion, Transformation, Vision

On the particular day I found this penny, I was on my way to meet a good friend for lunch. When I arrived, she told me she was expecting her first child, 3 – JOY!

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9 thoughts on “Lucky Coin Messages

  1. Julie,
    Since my Dad passed away in December I have found 13 pennies. I was very close to him and am still grieving and these have brought me comfort. I have not studied the numbers yet but I will. I have saved them in a special place.
    Coffee and cocktails at the casa

    1. Thanks for sharing. I too started my penny collection after someone close to me passed. Seeing how the collection has grown gives me great comfort that they are smiling down on me.

  2. I never thought of finding money as a message from the universe, but I’ll look at it differently now – thank you! I can’t help but feel that you might have added to your list that if you find a $100 note, then that means there is wealth coming your way ;o) hee hee.

  3. I love your story. It’s a treasure. Random dimes find my husband and I frequently. On the ground in an Arizona parking lot. On a window ledge at a hotel in Ireland. I need to follow your guidance next time I see one before me. Separately, my dad was a twin and a strong believer in numerology. The number 22 always had special meaning in his life.

    1. I’m so glad you connected with my post. Thanks for sharing, especially about your dad. 🙂 I’m a numbers geek and very spiritual, and numerology really bridges those two worlds for me. I actually save all the pennies I find, and I now have a beautiful collection in a special jar.

  4. I have heard of the saying about finding a penny, but I have never looked at it quite this way. Your words have inspired me to stay alert for a penny in my travels.

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