Attracting Change in Your Life

If you are trying to attract a change in your life, there are steps you can take to mentally prepare and to make the path smoother. I have seen this technique used with success over and over again. It works for cars, homes, careers, volunteer positions, relationships, etc.

1. Gratitude for the current situation – The best way to part with something is with love in your heart. So focus on all the good that came from the current situation. Think about how it supported you, how it challenged you, how it made you feel safe, how you learned about your strengths or weaknesses, whatever the combination of experiences may be. At the very least, the current situation may have taught you what you don’t want. If you can’t view what you are moving away from with love in your heart, you are likely to attract the same situation again. The lesson is incomplete if you can’t find the positive in it.

If the situation is something that you are vacating or needs to be filled, like a home, a position, a vehicle, send positive thoughts that the perfect person is going to fill the space.

2. Gratitude for the desired situation – Feel gratitude as if the change has already occurred. Practice feeling the joy, excitement, relief, empowerment, whatever the feeling.

If you are trying to attract a specific thing, like a certain house. Add to this step the feeling that the perfect person or family is coming to that house. You send your best to the situation without attachment, because what if something even better is meant for you.

3. Faith and Trust – Know that the best possible situation is coming to you at the perfect time. This requires a lot of dedication to stay positive, focused, and discerning. A few things to keep in mind:

Your success is independent of other people’s success. If someone reaches a place where you think you want to be before you do, it does not mean that the universe does not have a plan for you too. If you celebrate someone else’s success you attract success.

Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.

Wayne Dyer

If you don’t get what you want, you may still have gotten what you want. Right out of college, my husband participated in a rotational program at his first company. Once completed, he was asked to pick where he would like to be permanently positioned within the company. He expressed where he wanted to be, and then when assignments were handed out, his request was completely disregarded. He was moved into a job that he did not want. To say it was not a good fit was an understatement, worst job ever. That terrible job lasted about 18 months and spit him out into a new department that launched his career. He was right where he was supposed to be to line up with the perfect change that was coming.

Be discerning. The first thing that comes to you may or may not be the best for you. You will have to decide what you are willing to compromise on and what you aren’t. Many years ago, my husband and I wanted a specific vehicle at a specific price point. We qualified for the car, but it was still more than we wanted to pay. I was in the parking lot of the dealership, leaving, and the salesperson ran after me. He offered me a car that was exactly what I wanted, but it had 3000 miles on it. The 3000 miles qualified it as used and brought it into our price range. We got the deal because I was discerning, I was literally walking away.

If you can’t stay positive in faith and trust, shift your focus. I’m not suggesting that you abandon your desired change. I’m encouraging you to find something else to be positive about and to find something else to direct your attention towards. If your desired change doesn’t seem to be on the horizon, don’t wallow. One can very easily fall prey to wallowing, and wallowing is very habit forming (speaking from experience). Wallowing is annoying, does not serve you, and will smother your momentum. When you redirect your energy to something that brings you joy, you will attract more joy. You will be in a better place to recognize all the opportunity that surrounds you.

If you don’t know where to start in terms of shifting your focus, I suggest a new activity outside of your comfort zone. Learn a new skill, start a new hobby, join a new group, start volunteering, the world is full of opportunity! Trying something outside of your comfort zone will introduce you to people and experiences that you wouldn’t have been privy to otherwise. You will be stretched and you will grow so that you are more prepared to fully prosper in the changes that you are trying to attract.

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