Happiness Breath

Breath is literally your life source, don’t underestimate the power of focusing on your breath. When you can control your breath, you can control your thoughts. When you can control your thoughts, you can be thoughtful about your actions. Think about how powerful that is!

Close your eyes and come into your space. Three deep cleansing breaths at your own pace  – see Yoga Breath.

This exercise chooses a 3 heartbeat pause because 3 represents joy.

Inhale happiness, pause 3 heartbeats

Exhale gratitude, pause 3 heartbeats

Inhale gratitude, pause 3 heartbeats

Exhale optimism, pause 3 heartbeats

Inhale optimism, pause 3 heartbeats

Exhale happiness, pause 3 heartbeats

Repeat as needed.

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  1. Love your messages & meditations. My kids and I are enjoying practicing your meditations together. Thank you!!!

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