Yoga Breath

Breath is literally your life source, don’t underestimate the power of focusing on your breath. When you can control your breath, you can control your thoughts. When you can control your thoughts, you can be thoughtful about your actions. Think about how powerful that is!

A yoga breath is a deep, slow inhalation and exhalation. I usually do them in sets of three before other breathing exercises, setting an intention, practicing yoga or settling down for meditation. This is my go to starting point for centering myself.

Lengthen your spine, close your eyes, and come into your space.

Inhale filling your lower abdomen, upper abdomen, lower chest, upper chest, throat, face, top of your head – everything is expanded, pause at full for a moment.

Exhale in reverse from top of the head, face, throat, upper chest, lower chest, upper abdomen, lower abdomen – everything is contracted, pause at empty for moment.

Repeat for at least three rounds in total.

Recorded by Enhanced Perspective, Length 02:03
Music – Water Lillies by Density & Time

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