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Welcome to Enhanced Perspective, a mindfulness community where practical meets mystical. Founded by Julie Krupp, Enhanced Perspective helps people nurture a strong relationship with their intuition so they can live in harmony with the flow of the universe and the rhythm of their soul. Julie will introduce you to new ways of thinking and teach you repeatable techniques for greater peace of mind. Her goal is that you leave more relaxed, empowered, and with a better understanding of yourself.

Julie Krupp
Founder of Enhanced Perspective


Here is a sampling of articles, please see the Explore menu above for a complete catalog.

Full Moon Inspiration

Happy Full Moon! Here is a little inspiration from Jordan Smith, lovely song and talented dancers.

Shifting Preferences

The direction my home faces has always been very important to me for several reasons. I am as fair skinned as they come, not she probably needs a little sunscreen, more like she is about to burst into flames. I think one of the greatest luxuries in life is eating outside, al fresco is divine. … Continue reading Shifting Preferences


Select an experience to help you live in harmony with the flow of the universe and the rhythm of your soul. More virtual experiences to be added soon.

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